Recap: Washington Life’s Young & The Guestlist Party

NPRs Chelsea with DC Fab!
Chelsea with DC Fab!

Admittedly, I was a tad slow on writing about one of the most fabulous parties of the year, Washington Life‘s “Young and the Guestlist” party that honored young Washingtonians that are leading the charge in all industries including government, media, fashion and philanthropy.


Well, because everyone else has written about it like Metromix, NBC Washington, Angie Goff, Bisnow and even Washington Life put up the pictures…what more could I really say?

So I thought…thought…and thought some more and I got nothing. ::still thinking as I type:: Fine! I’ll tell you my favorite parts:

  • Andre Wells is every party’s dream. Not only did my socializing heart skip a beat when I saw the “go bo” displaying Washington Life‘s logo outside the Washington Club upon arrival, but it jumped a tad when the step and repeat allowed every party goer to feel like a celebrity and when I saw the six-person band playing nothing but soulful classics along with some of the best area DJs spinning the jams…okay fine, it also skipped a beat when I saw the bed of roses that looked like you could lie down on them, which I’m sure no one truly appreciated alongside the Asian-inspired grub and the rooms at the club that each provided a different feel for the guestlisters.
    Ginuwine with DC Fab!
    Ginuwine with DC Fab!
  • I chatted it up with R&B singer Ginuwine who attended the party alongside his wife Sole (yes, they’re still together). He was excited to talk about his upcoming album. When I asked would it be the same old feel, he responded, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Okay then! 🙂
  • I saw some of my favorite socialites and media mavens like my colleague Kate Micheal, Angie Goff, Makeda Saggau-Sackey, Paul Wharton, Adrian Loving, Samatha Strauss, Alfredo Flores, Helena Andrews and even CNN’s Amy Holmes who fell in love with my belt (thanks girl!).
  • Despite all of that goodness, the best part about WL’s Young & The Guestlist party was hanging with my power four. Although none of us appeared on the list (there’s still hope for next year) all of them are taking over in D.C., whether it’s at a major television company headquartered in Silver Spring, on the Hill working alongside Congress or working in media, the Young and the Guestlist is all about who you know…and I know some very ambitious ladies. Luv y’all! Thanks Maci for the invitation 🙂
My power four: Addie, Tarrah, Mia and Chelsea
My power four: Addie, Tarrah, Mia and Chelsea

WLTV: The Young and The Guest List 2010 from Washington Life Magazine on Vimeo.

Like the video says, “This is definitely A list!”